What do you think about Goldman Sachs’ CEO admitting that he worked closely with Hillary Clinton?

25 October 2016   
What do you think about Goldman Sachs’ CEO admitting that he worked closely with Hillary Clinton?

A significant point of attack for Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton throughout the Democratic primary season was her close ties to Wall Street and major financial institutions across the globe. While he campaigned upon the premise that the corporate executives at the helm of the 2008 recession deserved to be punished for their actions, Hillary’s close connections to big banks proved to be a troubling issue for her campaign. It would be tough to garner support among Bernie supporters fed up with financial institutions given her relationships, and the campaign made every possible attempt to remedy the situation.

However, despite the candidate’s rhetoric that she wanted to punish Wall Street, leaked documents containing transcripts of her speeches to corporations as well as emails verifying the proximity of those relationships provided concrete evidence against her claims. Those speeches, in which she and her husband made several hundreds of thousands of dollars, revealed that Clinton was acting in a two-faced demeanor as she told progressives that she condemned Wall Street but told bankers that she condemned progressives. As troubling as these leaked documents were, they could not be more damaging than a statement made recently by the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

"We have influence in the financial system. Of course we engage,” CEO Lloyd Blankfein said. The executive explained that his close relationship with Clinton was simply part of doing business in New York, given that she had been a senator in the state. He furthered that this is not out of the ordinary. "I go out and I meet with editors of newspapers. I meet with Republican leaders. It's necessary for us to do that."

Upon expressing confidence in Hillary’s chances at securing the White House come November, Blankfein noted that he does not think his relationship to the Clintons is in any way an issue. "If the worst thing was that we have a history of having engaged positively with Hillary Clinton, that's not going to annoy me." 

He also dismissed concerns that her close ties to Wall Street would prevent her from implementing effective regulation and reform.

What do you think about the Goldman Sachs CEO’s comments? Will this affect Hillary?