Are you surprised by Trump’s plan to dump a total of $100 million into his campaign?

26 October 2016   
Are you surprised by Trump’s plan to dump a total of $100 million into his campaign?

In a political climate dominated by the influence of big donors and their pocketbooks’ benefits, voters have expressed concerns over the disproportionate impact that these large financial interests might have on politicians once in office. It makes perfect sense that the more money a donor pumps into a winning candidate’s campaign, the more influence he or she will have on that elected official. As such, much of Trump’s appeal was driven by his promise to reject big donors and finance a substantial portion of his own campaign. While he has taken steps back from this promise, having accepted donations from a multitude of organizations and individuals, there is no denying that Trump has invested a significant amount of money into his electoral efforts.

Just how much? According to the Republican candidate, he will have invested over $100 million by the end of the campaign. "I will have over $100 million in the campaign, and I'm prepared to go much more than that," said Trump in an interview with CNN earlier today. He declined to offer a more concrete estimate as to exactly how much money he would invest, however. "In the old days, you'd get credit: If you would spend less money and have victory, that would be a good thing. Today, they want you to spend money."

According to the most recent records, Trump had only put in $60 million, meaning that he would need to have invested an additional $40 million within the last five weeks of the campaign season. More information on his financial contributions to the campaign will be made public tomorrow, depicting his own investments in the period between October 1 – 19. Unfortunately, information on financial materials for the remainder of the campaign will not be made public until December, meaning that his recent pledge will not be verified for two months.

According to sources close to the campaign and the Republican Party, Party officials had been requesting that Trump dump more of his personal fortune into the campaign, however he had declined to do so. This appears to be a staunch departure from that initial reluctance, but it is not yet clear as to whether it is driven by Trump’s personal incentives or from Republican leaders.

It is also not clear as to how the campaign will spend this money. Some anticipate that it will be put toward advertising, an area in which Trump has lagged far behind his Democratic counterpart throughout the entire race.

With national polls depicting Trump with a double-digit deficit and state polls showing him losing crucial battlegrounds like Arizona and Nevada, this seems like a last-ditch attempt for the candidate to give the campaign everything he can before it is officially over.

What do you think about this pledged investment? Will this affect the outcome of the election?