Why is the DNC suing the RNC?

27 October 2016   
Why is the DNC suing the RNC?

Amidst rapidly declining poll numbers, Donald Trump began taking jabs at an entity other than his Democratic opponent: the democratic system at large. He claimed that the entire system – the very system upon which America has rested and thrived for centuries – was rigged against him. He argued that voter fraud at the polls would go unnoticed by Republican officials, allowing Democrats to benefit from the votes of dead citizens. He constructed a theory that the media, Wall Street, and all Establishment politicians were conspiring to derail his political chances. He said that the election would be rigged, and he would not take the result – unless he won – as valid. This brought about serious concerns within the political community, as unwarranted, fear-instilled cynicism about the democratic process is dangerous for American morale and political participation.

As such, the DNC has launched a lawsuit against the GOP for supporting Trump’s claims that the election is rigged, arguing that these remarks were intended to disenfranchise voters in minority communities. "Trump has falsely and repeatedly told his supporters that the November 8 election will be 'rigged' based upon fabricated claims of voter fraud in 'certain areas' or 'certain sections' of key states," wrote the Democratic attorneys. "Unsurprisingly, those 'certain areas' are exclusively communities in which large minority voting populations reside."

The DNC finds that the RNC has offered “direct and tacit support” for Trump’s claims that the election would be rigged through its measures to enforce “ballot security.” According to Bloomberg News, “the RNC is supporting Trump’s recruitment of so-called watchers at polling places, which is in breach of consent decrees going back to 1982 that forbid the group from engaging in ballot-security measures, according to a filing in federal court in Newark, New Jersey. The DNC said the watchers are really intended to deter registered voters from casting ballots.” Accordingly, the DNC has requested that the U.S. District Court in New Jersey holds the RNC in civil contempt and levies sanctions against the organization.

A spokeswoman from the RNC has offered the group’s response, claiming that it is “completely meritless.” “Just as in all prior elections in which the consent decree was in effect, the RNC strictly abides by the consent decree and does not take part directly or indirectly in any efforts to prevent or remedy vote fraud. Nor do we coordinate with the Trump campaign or any other campaign or party organization in any efforts they may make in this area.”

What do you think will come of this lawsuit? How might it affect the election?