What do you think about Melania’s First Lady agenda?

3 November 2016   
What do you think about Melania’s First Lady agenda?

The release of a tape depicting Donald Trump making offensive remarks about women and the subsequent announcements from nearly a dozen women that the Republican presidential candidate had sexually assaulted them in previous years seemed to put the nail in the electoral coffin for Trump. Just when it appeared that Hillary was breaking away in the polls, especially in swing states and previously non-competitive Republican strongholds, the FBI announced that it would be reopening its investigation into Hillary’s email scandal. This, understandably, shifted the momentum of both campaigns, as Trump’s team had something upon which they could focus all of their attention and use as a rallying cry to pull undecided voters and hesitant Trump supporters out to the polls. Hillary, however, needed to go on the defensive and answer for this dilemma. Pollsters show that Trump now has a nearly 30% chance at winning, which far outpaces the estimates put forward by many pundits in the political realm. With this new surge in support and campaign enthusiasm for Trump, his wife Melania has been thinking about her role as First Lady and today offered some proposals for plans she would put forward from the White House.

"It will be my honor and privilege to serve this country. I will be an advocate for women and for children,” she said.

She focused on the issue of cyber-bullying, condemning the effects that it has on young kids’ self-esteems. It is "absolutely unacceptable when it’s done with no name hiding on the Internet,” she explained. She furthered that, while adults may be able to handle rude comments or remarks, children are too fragile. “Technology has changed our universe. But like anything that is powerful it can have a bad side. We have seen this already. As adults, many of us are able to handle mean words — even lies. Children and teenagers can be fragile. They hurt when they are made fun of or made to feel less in looks or intelligence. This makes their life hard and forces them to hide and retreat. Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough especially to children and to teenagers.”

This message has sparked controversy among media circles, as it draws a stark contrast between the belittling, offensive remarks made by Trump along the campaign trail. Many have accused Trump of being a cyberbully with a massive audience, as he has launched attacks at media representatives, public figures, and politicians from his Twitter account. The fact that Melania’s message was predicated upon the very thing for which her husband has been scrutinized time and time again is an interesting political move on behalf of the campaign.

What do you think about this speech? Could it affect the way voters view a Trump presidency?