Are the Clintons really done with politics?

2 December 2016   
Are the Clintons really done with politics?

It was certainly a gruesome campaign for the Clintons. The devastating loss to opponent Donald Trump surely felt like a major blow, given the energy and resources that go into a campaign. But, in addition to the loss, the battering Hillary and Bill faced along the campaign trail was also incredibly brutal. Trump’s campaign reminded the American people of Bill’s infidelities and made Hillary out to look like a criminal for the actions she took as Secretary of State under the Obama administration. Campaigns in modern history have seen their fair share of name-calling and verbal abuse, but Trump’s lack of a filter and general lack of concern for offense certainly lent themselves to a nastier campaign than any in American history. With that said, some of Hillary’s most ardent supporters are hoping that she picks up where she left off and runs again in the next election cycle. This notion has been contested by a close friend of the Clintons, however, as he believes the Clintons are done with politics for good.

“I don't think Hillary has any interest in running again,” said Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe when asked about the future of the Clintons’ political career. "I'll let her speak for herself. I haven't asked her that. I think the president's probably going to go back, working on all the good deeds he's done before in helping people around the globe. You know, there are elections. We've got to move forward.”

He furthered by noting how difficult the loss has been on the Clinton family. "This is hard on anybody. I mean, can you imagine having to go through this? I've had many conversations with the Clinton family. We're friends. It's hard, very tough. I think on Election Day everybody felt pretty good. I think the Trump campaign thought they were gonna lose. And you know, this is what happens in elections."

While Hillary has not made it clear as to whether she will continue to be engaged in the political arena, McAuliffe’s close proximity to the Clinton family suggests that his prediction is likely correct, and thus we may never see the Clintons running for public office again.

This does not mean, however, that they would cease to play a major role on the international stage. Their work with the Clinton Foundation is certainly more than enough to occupy their time, as they are devoted to addressing the world’s most complex and pressing problems.

Do you think Hillary will return to politics? Or have we seen the end of her political career?