About Us

Political.com™ is an independent polling company committed to hearing the voices of real Americans on the topics that matter to them.

A Different Kind of Platform

Our philosophy is simple: If you want to know where voters stand on the biggest issues facing our country today, you just need to ask. The problem is that polling companies don’t always make it easy to tell them how you really feel.

Traditional polling has its problems. Instead of putting the public first, big-name pollsters focus on the things they think the media wants to see. They ask about political insiders and trending news but skip over the issues that really matter to people.

Political.com is different.

We’re an independent platform that puts you first.

Polls Designed for YOU

We’re not worried about making a candidate look good or getting our polls on the cover of a national newspaper. We just want to know what you think.

How do we do that? We put you at the center of our polls.

Instead of asking about niche politics, we ask how you feel about healthcare, the media, immigration and other major issues that affect your daily life.

We know political conversations are better when you can be open without judgment. That’s why our questions are simple and straightforward. We give you the chance to share your voice in the most direct and honest way.

Our Website Is Free

Our website costs $0 for you to use because you’re entitled to your opinion and your voice.

The way our website is financed is through ads and affiliate marketing. Many of our users allow us to share some of their information with our marketing partners so that our marketing partners can send them offers related to their interests.

Protecting Your Data

We believe in the importance of keeping your data safe. If you decide to give us your data while using our website, we use many different protections to help keep it safe. To learn more about how we protect your information, check out our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

It’s Time to Share Your Voice

Democracy is more than just breaking news. It’s time to put you back in control.