Would President Pence be better than President Trump?

If President Donald Trump were to resign, Vice President Mike Pence would become President Pence. But would that be better or worse for the United States? It depends on who you ask and what you look for in a president.

There is no denying the fact that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have different political backgrounds, priorities and levels of experience. But which one would do a better job of leading the United States as commander-in-chief?

It turns out that President Trump may be asking himself the same thing. There are questions circulating about whether we will see another Trump Pence 2020 run or whether Trump is dumping Pence in exchange for a different vice president this next election. How would that affect his electability, and who would he choose to replace Pence?

The sections below detail the political differences between the two men. Who might make a better president and what is the likelihood is that Trump will or won’t keep Pence on the ticket in 2020?

Different Political Priorities

The major difference between Donald Trump and Pence is political priorities. When Trump began his campaign, he made it clear his priority was illegal immigration from Mexico, as well as Central and South America. His big campaign promise was to build a large concrete wall along the Mexican-American border in order to more effectively halt regulation.

A former Democrat who began a rightward political shift in the 2000s, President Trump promised during his campaign to be LGBT-friendly and initially implied that restricting abortion and other women’s issues were not a priority to him. However, selecting Mike Pence as his running mate sent a different signal.

Pence on Social Issues

Unlike Trump, Pence became a staunch Christian conservative in college and has retained his political values ever since. He has consistently prioritized opposition to abortion rights and supporting the rights of business owners and health care professionals to refuse service to individiduals based on their religious beliefs.

This has become a flashpoint for many protesters — for instance, in 2016, protesters began sending donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name in order to harass the vice presidential nominee.

Pence on Education and the Economy

Vice President Pence’s biggest priorities are not limited to social issues. For instance, he also has an interest in funding preschools and charter schools, sometimes at the expense of public schools. Trump has not prioritized education regulations the way Pence has throughout his career.

Another subject where Donald Trump and Pence differ is fiscal responsibility. Trump, the self-proclaimed “King of Debt,” has not shied away from policies that expand the national debt. This is despite the fact that he promised during his campaign to wipe out the debt within eight years. However, Mike Pence’s political career has been much more fiscally reserved, prioritizing a balanced budget and maintaining a heavy reserve when he was governor of Indiana.

What about their experience?

If there is any reason to advocate for Mike Pence for president in 2020, it’s his political experience. Trump famously won the election on the basis of being a businessman who would come “drain the swamp” of career politicians who are bogging down Washington.

However, in some ways his lack of political experience has become a source of difficulty. He spent much of his first year in the White House struggling to fill key roles. His time in office has been marked by frequent turnover, sudden shifts in policy and oftentimes ineffective attempts at getting his way.

Unlike Trump, Pence has ample experience governing. In fact, he has spent very little of his adult life in the private sector, effectively making him a career politician in his own right. There is little chance of a Pence 2020 run, but he may consider running in 2024. In that case, will Republicans vote for a career politician again? Pence’s career is long and has enough potential missteps for opponents to draw from. This may make the Republican base may shift away from him.

Pence officially took office for the first time in 2000, when he won Indiana’s second congressional district in the House of Representatives. He was re-elected four times, obtaining various committee positions as he went. In 2012, he ran for the governor’s office and won a close race. He served as governor until 2017, when he took office as vice president.

Unlike Trump, Pence has ample experience governing, filling roles and passing bills. Arguably, he has played a major role in teaching Trump the political ropes since the pair collectively took office, although how much Trump has listened to him is difficult to determine. For this reason, some believe than an experienced President Pence make a better leader than President Trump.

Will Trump fire Pence before 2020?

Trump began his campaign for re-election almost immediately after becoming president. Since November 2018, he has claimed that Pence would be his running mate, and he currently sells Trump Pence 2020 campaign signs on his campaign website and at rallies. However, there are nevertheless rumors among Washington insiders that Trump wants to replace Pence ahead of the next election.

If Trump is replacing Pence, who will be his running mate instead? Some names have been thrown out that suggest a more moderate push. For example, some suggest Nikki Haley would be his running mate. Others suggest his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, may be up for consideration. Both women have typically taken more tempered and moderate political stances in the past than either Trump or Pence.

Will Trump dump Pence for his daughter or another candidate, or will there be another Trump Pence 2020 run? That remains to be seen. However, some signs suggest that he very well may consider it.

For one thing, reporters questioned Trump on Pence’s potential 2024 run and whether Trump would consider endorsing him. Rather than say yes, Trump said he would have to evaluate the field of candidates available. That could be political savvy, or it could signal trouble behind closed doors. It is possible that not even Trump is excited about the idea of President Pence.

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